i am a published mexican fashion photographer and creative director with interest in fashion and portraiture. 

committed to share the mexican cultural legacy, “region más transparente del aire” in spanish stands for “where the air is clear”, phrase used by the geographer alexander von humboldt to describe the valley of anáhuac and mexico city in 1804. time after, the writer alfonso reyes used the same phrase as part of the epigraph to his masterpiece “visión de anáhuac” which describes tenochtitlán (mexico city) by the eyes of the spanish explorers in 1519. then in 1958, the intelectual son of reyes, carlos fuentes wrote a novel with the same name, the protagonist was of course the city itself. 

today, for admiration to those before me and information hidden in the words, I use them to expand and share my art. 

my magazine issues + covers, clients and collaborations include:  glamour latin-america, pmagazine, b-authentique magazine, elegant magazine, ok okay magazine, tease luxury lingerie, pure love lingerie, pretty bastard, el origen Elisa landa, poetic designs, twisted liar, alex s yu, incode technologies, jerarda lake, aurora niño de rivera, konfío, armando de la garza, malaikah salon spa, among others. 

i have a graduate degree from the university of british columbia and an apprenticeship with canadian photographer and filmmaker vince hemingson, a master of the nude in nature and top 100 nude photographer, his work has been exhibited in places such as Musée du Louvre in paris, france and broadcast in national geographic. 

i am also fellow and project manager at Fundación Armando Salas Portugal in Mexico City to promote the legacy of this outstanding photographer, whose work transcends the mexican landscape, documenting also pre-hispanic ruins and modern architects such as Luis Barragán. 

Please take a look to the body of work i have proudly accomplished over the years. 

region más transparente

CONtacto: hola@regionmastransparente.com  OR  +52 1 55 4089 1489