workshop vancouver: fashion photography and studio lighting
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workshop vancouver: fashion photography and studio lighting


región más transparente and talentosa productions are proud to present a course of fashion photography and studio lighting for amateur and professional photographers in the city of vancouver, british columbia, canada.

The only requirement is to have a dslr or mirrorless camera and tripod (if any).

The course covers concepts of photography such as flash and different modes such as manual or ttl, strobes, light modifiers, 1,2,3,4 & 5 lights configuration, and also the artistic side in relation to story telling, fashion, art direction, the importance of a makeup artist and mood boards. in addition i will give an advanced lesson of photoshop for photographers.

The cost is $ 200 cad and includes:

  • 8 hours (10 am - 6pm) of course Saturday, May 6
  • 8 hours (10 am - 6pm) of course Sunday 7 of May
  • Food, drinks and snacks
  • General and one on one instruction
  • Theoretical sessions (on-screen format presentation on screen)
  • Practical sessions with a model, mood board and concept
  • Group discussions and constructive feedback
  • Friendly and relaxed but productive environment

reserve your place with $ 50 cad (non-refundable)

región más transparente is motivated to pursue and promote excellence, therefore a scholarship will be given to the participant with the best portfolio (fashion or portrait), the result will be announced on the first day of the course and the winner will be fully refunded in cash.

i invite you to see my portfolio (new york, mexico city, vancouver) hosted on this page and also talentosa productions portfolio, you can see our commercial work for companies, fashion designers, lingerie brands and personal work such as erotic, nudes, landscapes and portraiture of models, artists and intellectuals.

payment option 1

paypal, debit or credit. don't forget to fill the form below to have your contact information and identify your payment.

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payment option 2

send a $200.00 cad for full payment, $150.00 cad to complete payment or $50.00 cad for reservation via interac deposit to


payments are non refundable

fill this form only after any payment, for questions send an email to

i will make my best effort to help you improve...

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